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Top Tips to Structure your Business Email for Increased Productivity

In Other to Understand what you can get with a Business Email Service, We would like to explain the following. We provide a cost-effective email service provider and set up the necessary technical things to get the email working. However, we would like you to know that you have the following options for emails that you can have.   

  • An Email Account  
  • A Group Email  
  • An Email Alias

    Email Account

    What Is An Email Account?

    An Email Account is a single user with an Inbox to put it simply. An example of this is a personal email of a business user. Take for instance a business called Acme has 5 Staff members, they can decide to open 5 email accounts for those 5 members, each of them having their own unique email address and login credentials that links them to their own inbox. Messages Sent to that personal email will only be seen by the owner of the email account expect, if someone else was copied. We Strongly Recommend Using this for Individuals within your business

    Group Email

    What Is A Group Email?

    A group email is quite different from an email account. actually, the only thing that they share is the fact that they both are associated with an email address and can both receive and send emails. The major difference between an Email Account and a Group Email is that a group email does not have an inbox. Meaning a Group Email cannot be logged into, there are no passwords for group emails. Take for instance a business has a couple of departments and a few members of the team operate in multiple departments, it is possible to add a user to a group, let look at this simple example. Mike with email address [email protected] is an IT Personnel, and the support team have set up a Group Email say [email protected] so customers mailing can send messages to that address and each member of the support group can have access to that email and the quickest person can answer. Mike can be added to that group and would instantly receive emails when they come in and respond to IT related messages.We Strongly Recommend Using this for groups within your business or emails that should be sent to multiple people within your business. Emails like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] are best created as Group Emails.

    Email Alias

    What Is An Email Alias?

    An email alias is a simple alias to an email. an example is if you have an email [email protected] used by a group can have an alias of [email protected] or [email protected] all these emails are one and the same and can be used to send emails to the same group or particular user. Another good use case can be for individual emails where you want a shorter version of an email address as well e.g. [email protected] can also create an alias of [email protected] and any email sent to either would land in Jane Stewart's Inbox.

    We Strongly Recommend Using Aliases for email addresses that are for the same individuals or groups

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